Who I am

My name is Stephanie Georgescu and I am a qualified hypnotherapist, MSC public health consultant with a working history of managing large corporate teams within public affairs and chief of staff divisions.  I am also member of the NCH and the CNCH as advised by the NHS, and I am also an active member of the Kings NHS Foundation Trust.

Corporate Coaching

My key skill-set is in leadership and management, and I previously coached internal employees as part the Civil Service Learning tool.

Personal therapy

I also specialise in person therapy techniques such as CBT and hypnotherapy.  I have assisted many clients in coping with work-related stress and chronic fatigue syndrome, that is often misunderstood, hard to diagnose, and can often lead to poor work performance in all areas of life, if not treated.

Similarly, I have helped ease the severity of those suffering with differing types of trauma such as grievance and nervous shock, and I have had good success in helping those with speech and confidence challenges to become more confident.

At present I am fully booked up until July 2021, but occasionally I do get cancellations, so send me an email if urgent to arrange a consultation using the form below.  

Key news
Get ready for my new book - which will be released this summer, with an aim date for June 2021.
This book will provide a great opportunity for anyone wanting to create a healthy mindset to achieve brilliance in whatever it is they do. I'll be sharing lots of exciting techniques deriving from hypnotherapy and beyond, triggering your excitement for change in an easy to grasp guide.