Welcome to Wave Therapy Clinic - talking therapy for stress, anxiety and depression

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My name is Stephanie Georgescu and I am a qualified hypnotherapist and public health consultant. I am a member of the NCH (as advised by the NHS https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/hypnotherapy/), and  a member of the behavioral and water special interests groups at the Royal Society for Public Health.

My treatments are about helping you to move past your stress, anxiety, and depression. I use talking therapy that includes cognitive behavioral therapy: giving you the practical tools to move forward consciously, and hypnotherapy helping you to reduce stress, anxiety and depression subconsciously.

I specialise in a number of areas: I have assisted many clients in coping with work-related stress and chronic fatigue syndrome, that is often misunderstood and hard to diagnose. Similarly, I have helped ease the severity of those suffering with depressive disorders.

It should be noted like with all therapy, it is a two way relationship and commitment is needed from both sides to make effective progress. To book a free 10 minute consultation call: 07511 291 821