My name is Stephanie Georgescu and I am a qualified hypnotherapist and an MSC public health consultant. I am a member of the NCH and the CNCH  (as advised by the NHS

My sessions are confidential and provide a safe space helping clients to feel at ease. The treatments that I provide are about guiding clients to move past their emotional challenges - which can effect the large majority of us at some point in our lives.

I specialise in a number of areas: I have assisted many clients in coping with work-related stress and chronic fatigue syndrome, that is often misunderstood and hard to diagnose. Similarly, I have helped ease the severity of those suffering with differing types of trauma.

Treatments rooms will be allocated after booking: rooms currently available in Harley Street and South Moulton Street.

I encourage you to book a free consultation using the email section below  - so I can advise on the best way for you to move forward.